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VaporDNA happens to be a highly acclaimed global retailer of almost all manner of vaping products. This firm specializes in the provision of top quality and widely varying products that it sells through its official website. Use the latest VaporDNA coupon to save on your next order.

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This includes e-cigarettes, e-liquids as well as other indispensable accessories that all vapers cannot do without. As it asserts, this company makes it a point to only stock one hundred percent original items. All of which, it claims, are supplied while still fresh from their various manufacturers. In this sense, this firm, points out that they are fully authorized to retail a wide range of respected e-cigarettes and e-juice product.

To make things ever better, VaporDNA emphasizes that it in the habit of providing a wide selection of these kinds of products. From which you as a vaper, can effectively settle for the very best that matches your personal tastes and preferences. While more to the point, you can access any of these assortment items at extremely competitive price tags. This is undoubtedly a major benefit when you take the necessary time to reflect on the exorbitant prices that its competitors offer for most premium products.

What kinds of brand does VaporDNA specialize in?
Like earlier noted, this online retailer has been fully authorized to retail items from some of the most popular and reputable manufacturers of e-cigarettes, e-liquids and also related accessories. When it comes to e-cigarettes, by opting for VaporDNA as your one-stop, you will be in an excellent postion of accessing products from some of the top brands in this given industry. This of course includes leading vaping paraphernalia players such as Joyetech, Kanger, Innokin, kamry, Aspire, Smoki-tech, to mention but a few. As for e-juices, this company also makes it a point to stock and sell only the very best brands. This includes Suicide Bunny, Hullo, Standard Uncle Junk’s to mention but a few.

45 day “no obligations” moneyback guarantee
This online retailer, as would be expected, take a lot of pride in the quality and also authenticity of the wide varieties of vaping products it offers to its highly esteemed clients. To this end, virtually all the items that it vends come with a forty five day “ no question asked” moneyback guarantee. This certainly means that if for one reason or the other, you are not fully satisfied with any vaping product, which you have purchased from this firm, you can conveniently and in a very stress-free manner request a full refund, before the expiry of this given period of time. Additionally, each and every single order you place through their website, you will also receive a bonus free e-liquid sample. Also, for every purchase you make of more than forty nine dollars, your shipment will automatically be eligible for free shipping, regardless of your exact location in the world.

VaporDNA customer support service
VaporDNA has also put in place an exceptional customer support service. This team is highly noted for been extremely courteous, and also very highly conversant with many aspects of this industry. Therefore, they are always ready at hand to address any concern or queries that you may entertain on the products it offers. This is a stark contrast from what most of its competitors can be able to provide.

Vapor4Life E-Liquid Review

For e cig smokers who enjoy flavors, this Vapor4Life e-liquid review will run a list of the extensive selection line you will have, when you order through this manufacturer. Not only does the company provide one of the most extensive line of e liquids available, customers are also going to be able to customize their own flavor blends, to fully enjoy their own distinct flavors, and creative flavors, when placing an order.

Vapor4Life E-Liquid Review

When ordering the e liquids, there are dozens of options, and blends in the tobacco line. Clove, congress, Cuban cigar, oasis, and peach tobacco are some of these; in addition to these e liquid flavors, there are over 20 additional tobacco flavors that you can enjoy when you are placing an order online.

Fruit flavors
If you enjoy a sweeter blend, there are also dozens of fruit flavors you can order. Peach, strawberry, mango, orange, banana, blueberry, and blackberry are some of these options. Apple, cherry, grape, kiwi, are also available. Custom flavors can also be mixed to blend a new flavor.

If you prefer something minty or spicy, menthol blends are available. From peppermint to bold mint, spice, to cinnamon, there are several options to choose from in this category as well.

Beverage, coffee, and dessert flavors
For those who have the ultimate sweet tooth, and if the over 50 flavors in the other categories are not enough, there are also a variety of sweet flavors here as well. Chocolate or vanilla, coffee or espresso, cherry pie or waffles, you can select from over 50 flavors in these three categories as well.

And, with specialty flavors that are limited edition in this line, you are going to have far more selection than you would expect, and much more to choose from, in comparison to what other brands have to offer their customers.

Sampler packs
If you do not want to commit to just one flavor in each of these categories, the option to order sampler packs is also available. This is going to give you the opportunity to try the best selling flavors, in each of these categories, so you can try the ones you will like best.

Whether you want a fun cola flavor, or something a bit more traditional in the line of tobacco or menthol flavors, you will receive the best sellers in each of the categories, when you decide to order a sampler pack in that category.

It does not matter what flavors you enjoy, or can think of, with Vapor4Life, you are going to find them all; plus, you are going to find certain flavors you would never imagine to have existed. And, you can order custom flavors if you are willing to spend a little more on your order.

Regardless of what you want to try, or which flavors you have come to love, when you order through this manufacturer, you will never get bored with the flavor selection that is available to you, when placing your order for refill e liquid cartridges.

ZampleBox Coupon

ZampleBox is an e-liquid subscription company that offers some of the best e-juices at a monthly rate that’s affordable. Use the latest ZampleBox coupon to save on your next e-liquid subscription order.

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ZampleBox coupon 10% off

The e-cigarettes is gaining a lot of popularity today as an alternative to the traditional cigarette. There are many reasons as to why it is being viewed as the best alternative like being free of smoke, eliminates the toxic substances that come with the traditional cigarettes, you can have many different flavors to spice up your smoking experience, you only get the nicotine you want to your system and they are fancy too.

One of the core components of the e-cig and vape pipes is the e-juice which contains the liquid which has dissolved nicotine. The e-liquid can also be flavored as some users fancy. This e-liquid is used for a while until it is finished and then the user has to refill the liquid in order to continue enjoying his taste. That is where ZampleBox specializes in.

As ZampleBox slogan states, they provide the best-juice, best price, delivered monthly. There is no other company that provides services like ZampleBox. They are unique in that they offer a subscription service where you can have your e-juice refill delivered to you every month. They are not only a company supplying e-juice but they are a brand by themselves. And the most interesting thing is, you can get it at $1 per day which is less than 40 – 60 percent of what you get from other retailers.

Subscription services

ZampleBox basically has three types of premium subscription which are modeled to fit every user, from the starter to the experienced one. The first service is the platinum subscription which comes with 11 bottles and goes for $ 44.99 only which is 65% less than what you get on retail. Next is the gold service which offers 6 bottles and only goes for $ 24.99 which is 60% of what you get on retail. Last they offer the silver package which comes with 3 bottles for $ 19.99 only and is 40% less of the retail price.
Their subscription service reduces the cost significantly and furthermore they will have it delivered to your door.

The e-juice subscription process

Very simple and convenient and involves three steps. First you have to build your box where you select your nicotine level, your choice of flavors and the experience you have in vaping. Next you will have your consignment delivered to your doorstep according to your choice and lastly which is the best part; dive into your favorite e-juice assortment and start enjoying the experience with your friends.

All that ZampleBox would request is to give them a feedback of the experience and what more you would like to be added to the list. So to get this attractive offer from ZampleBox, all you need to do is log in to their website and subscribe now.

Can E-Cigarettes Help Boost Memory?

E cigarettes help boost memory!!! Yes, you have heard this right. This is a conclusion derived by a group of scholars from London University. Electronic cigarettes or e cigs are battery operated devices used as healthier alternatives for tobacco cigarettes.

In one research conducted by a Professor of the University of East London, Dr. Lynne Dawkins, interesting statistics came out. The findings of the research were presented at the British Psychological Society’s Annual Conference held from 18-20 April 2012.

Read this article:

The research was conducted on 85 smokers, both men and women. The participants were randomly given e cigarettes containing nicotine or no nicotine. Some of the participants were asks to just hold it without putting the e cigarette to use. Five minutes were given to the participants to do whatever they wanted with the e cigarettes. After the completion of the stipulated time they were asked to take a moods and cravings questionnaire. The questionnaire was repeated 20 minutes after using the electronic cigarette. 60 participants completed the working memory task 10 – 15 minutes after using the e cig. The working memory task included the Letter Cancellation Task among others.

e-cig memory

Observations of the study

  • Based on the participants of the working memory task, it was concluded that people who used electronic cigarettes with nicotine performed better.
  • The ones who used nicotine e cigarettes completed the Letter Cancellation Task within the fastest time. The worst performance in the memory task based on the number of errors committed was by the “just hold” group.
  • It was further seen that nicotine users had the best performance across all the trials in the memory test and even maintained better performance for longer intervals.

Dr. Lynne Dawkins said that she was intrigued to study the effectiveness of the newer alternatives of cigarettes as very little research has been done so far. She also observed that e cigarettes reduce the extent of cravings in both men an women. She also pointed out that the study did not include the whether people felt self conscious to use these devices in public places.

Do e cigs actually improve memory or is it a myth?

Studies do point out that e cigs help to boost memory. But this is not the only reason why smokers should switch to the newer alternatives.


Electronic cigarettes contain no ash, no tar. They are odourless. They do not contain any cancer causing toxic elements which make them non carcinogenic.  The newer healthier alternatives to the traditional cigarettes are battery operated. They may seem expensive initially but are truly cost effective in the long run. The cigarettes do not release any visual puff of smoke only water vapour, which neutralises the dangers of any second hand smoke. They can be used safely even in no smoking areas where it is prohibited to smoke.

The lighted match sticks and burning cigarettes are seen as one of the biggest causes of forest fires. E cigarettes come with reusable cartridges which is environment friendly.

Switch to electronic cigarettes– they are not only healthy but have been proved to boost memory!!!

White Cloud Cigarettes Fling Disposable Review

Like other brands, White Cloud Cigarettes also offers a disposable e cig; this White Cloud Cigarettes Fling disposable review will provide a further look at the product, use, and flavor options that you can order, if this is the option that you are interested in trying when first ordering from the manufacturer brand.

Bulk up

Unlike other manufacturers, with White Cloud ecig you can order in bulk quantities, in order to save on the price per e cig; in fact, you can order a variety of product packages. From single use disposables, to 5 pack, 10 pack, 25 pack, or a 100 pack, you are in control and decide what you want, and the flavors that you want to try. When ordering in higher quantities, the price drops down extremely, to less than $4 per e cig. The White Cloud e-cig price drops even lower when you apply one of the new WC holiday promo codes to your order. To use these White Cloud Cigarettes coupons, simply add all of the Fling disposables to your cart and then enter the promo code at the end.

Flavor blends

White Cloud E-Cig Fling

When ordering the e cigs, you decide on the flavor for each of the e cigs. Even if you order the 100 pack, you can select the flavor options that you want to vape. Vanilla, red, menthol, peppermint, Bora Bora, strawberry, menthol, espresso, apple, are just some of the options. When ordering the larger case, you can order in quantities of 20, and decide on the flavor and nicotine levels in batches of 20. This not only allows you to mix and match, it also allows you to try out the many flavors which White Cloud e-cig offers, without having to commit to just one.

Long lasting taste blends

With the disposables, you can expect to get anywhere from 200 up to 400 or 450 puffs per e cig; this is approximately 2 packs, up to about 5 packs of tobacco cigarettes. Not only will this reduce the cost of smoking, it will also allow you to enjoy the flavor blends of choice, without having to worry about it ending in a short time, or having to worry about recharging the battery often, in order to complete the cartridge of choice.

Nicotine levels

When ordering each of the disposable e cigs individually, you can order the full nicotine level. However, if you are going to order the large, bulk packs, you can decide on the nicotine levels that you want for each e cig. You can order from zero, ultra light, light, medium, or full level. Depending on the desired use, and depending on whether you are looking to completely eliminate nicotine, or whether you still want to enjoy the nicotine when smoking, each consumer is going to select something different when ordering the e cigs and the bulk packs of their favorite flavors.

Disposable e cigs are convenient, easy to use, can be used anywhere, and you do not have to continually worry about recharging the battery after each use. Instead, you can use it once, or you can use it over the course of a few days or weeks, without having to charge. When the cartridge is empty, and there is no more liquid, you can simply throw out the cartridge, and you can start to smoke another disposable e cig, in the flavor of choice.

Electronic cigarettes in the media – do they have a bad reputation?

The Fourth Estate (Press) has been a decisive factor in toppling many Governments. It is almost a tendency to cater to media reports about a factor before accepting it in fullness. In that regard, media has been partly, if not wholly, supportive of e-cigarettes. Of course, the public acceptance by many celebrities has helped show e-cigarettes in a better light.

Different Governments understand that traditional cigarettes are causing immense harm to human bodies and resulting in millions of deaths per year. However, the money that it brings in makes it’s continuation an objective necessity. Thus, media has now and again vouched for electronic cigarettes to be more in circulation. It will give chain-smokers a feeling that they are doing something similar. Yet, they will be free with the imposing dangers that paper cigarettes pose.

The major propagator

US Advocate Bill Godshall has been extremely active in propagating its benefits and fighting case against FDA which roots for its prohibition. There is even an association (SFATA – Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association) to offer e-cigarettes all-round support. They run regular seminars and allow media to circulate the minutes to one and all. E-cigarettes have grown exponentially since 2009 in US and other countries that haven’t banned it. On a basal thought, it is almost ridiculous to ban e-cigarettes.

Some points of concern

Yes, media has helped enlighten certain important facts that are causing trouble nonetheless. Some eminent e-cigarette brands are being duplicated and sold for less at open stores. These come cheap but have higher nicotine content and don’t have the suggested single opening. The atomizers also are second-grade in these cases and may cause untimely problems. That apart, media proposes some regulation to be charted on purchase of e-cigarettes. Many school children are catching the idea and freely purchase e-cigarettes; an occurrence which doesn’t bode well for the future.

A pseudo-drawback

FDA has released that Propylene Glycol, an effective anti-freezing agent is used in e-cigarettes and it has toxic properties. This claim has managed to impress global media to an extent. However, what needs to be assessed that Propylene Glycol toxicity is minimal. Moreover, it lowers the atomizing temperature and the substance is widely used in cosmetics and even food.

Continuous survey

Media continually surveys the effect and popularity of e-cigarettes and the erstwhile passive smokers are quite happy. In some cases, they don’t even realize whether someone is ‘vaping’ or not. It is evident that e-cigarettes emit nothing but water vapor and there is only suggestive nicotine content, if only to give traditional smokers some resemblance while smoking. Even that problem is being worked on and zero-nicotine carts are being released; although they are yet to catch the eye.

In summation

It is clear that media cannot altogether support e-cigarettes, as it may also become a craze in future. However, its healthier nature as opposed to traditional cigarettes isn’t lost on the media. E-cigarette is riding new wave in USA and UK and slowly coming in use in a lot of developing countries. If e-cigarettes prune some of its inhibitive traits, global media will be more forthcoming.


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10 Motives Coupon Code

10 Motives is a reputable company located in Sand Batch, Cheshire. It is well known for being the one of the best when it comes to distributing disposable and rechargeable electronic cigarettes. Other than distributing electronic cigarettes, 10 Motives also sells electronic cigarettes refills, cartomizers and many other electronic cigarettes gadgets.

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There are three main electronic brands that 10 Motives markets and distributes; they include the Menthol Rechargeable, the I-Vape and the regular V2 Rechargeable.

The market price for I-Vape is 39.99 pounds while Menthol Rechargeable and Regular V2 Rechargeable are sold for 13.99 respectively.

I-Vape is the most preferred brand by customers; it is not only well known but one of the highest selling brand. 10 Motives has a starter kit that is made up of two rechargeable batteries, a USB charging cable, four cartomizers refills and also a personal charging case.

The package has everything that a user would want to in a vape and gives the users no huge issues. The starter kit is quite unique although it is a very small size.

Packaging and Design (i- Vape)

As noted earlier the starter kit is decent and and also unique. The package is also comes very organized as well. This ensures that customers get the best value for their money. The charging case is well designed and comes in the color black with yellow-orange stripes on the side with the brand name also printed on the front of the case.

Flavor and Vapor

10 Motives has 12 custiomized flavors. The flavors contain 16mg of nicotine. Note: “The regular does not have flavor and has different nicotine strengths of between 11mg and 18mg. additional flavors include cherry, coffee, menthol, grape, watermelon, blueberry, vanilla and strawberry.”

Battery and Responsiveness

The i-Vape electronic cigarettes comes with two lithium-ion batteries. These batteries have an indicator that lets the user see the status of the battery at all times, and they can decide whether to charge the batteries or not. The batteries are easy to charge. All you need to do is plug the USB cable to a power source.


10 Motives does not give a warranty for any of their products except on the batteries which have a warranty period of 3 months. However, they do offer limited time 10 motives discounts code like the one found above, which can be used to help you save on any future purchase you make.

Conclusion and Summary

10 Motives is a good electronic cigarette brand that has everything a user needs, the overall performance is fair.

Apollo E-Cig Coupon Code

The Apollo E-Cig is among the favorite e-cigarette organizations in both UK and the US. Founded in 2008, Apollo E-Cig has a one-month money-back promise for their solution and 12 months limited guarantee as well. The purpose of Apollo is to offer customers with the maximum amount of opportunities as possible as well as providing customers with the Apollo E-Cig Coupon.

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The Apollo E Cig Choices

Apollo E-Cig presents both disposable and normal electrical cigarettes for their customers alongside 17 numerous flavors. Additionally, Apollo also presents their customers the decision of using pre-filled or bare refillable cartomizers to ensure they save your money.

The Apollo E-Cig Usual Beginning Equipment

While Apollo E-Cig gives a couple of starter systems all of which have diverse prices to match a wide selection of wants. Their normal starter kit is generally the most used, and it provides these goods:

1 Particular Receiving Function
5 Cartomizers
1 USB Battery Charger
2 180mAh Regular Lithium-Ion Batteries
1 Mains Adaptor
1 PCC USB Charger Cord
1 Apollo 500-Puff Disposable E-Cig
This is actually an extraordinary and complete starter package, especially in comparison to systems from other various vape companies. The first package itself is perfectly manufactured and is easy to use. The PCC is styled and functions like a standard cigarette smoke pack. The cartomizers themselves along with the batteries produce a genuine solution that’s good and really clean.

The Apollo E-Cig Level of Types

From old-fashioned cigarette to cherry to coffee, apple pear, rocky street and more, the flavors themselves are well thought out. Furthermore, the total amount of nicotine might be purchased in different quantities, and, therefore, those who wish to finally quit smoking can step down their nicotine use gradually.

The Apollo E-Cig Performance

The PCC itself may demand around 10 batteries if needed so it will not die out through the day. However, know that charging up the PCC will take approximately 7 hours.

Overall, the efficiency of the Apollo E-Cig was somewhat amazing because it was simple to “vape” all day after it was charged, never needing to have an electrical source nearby. The e-cigs themselves were somewhat sensitive and were a straightforward in use. We were really impressed with the mix of performance and with the number of choices that Apollo E-Cig presents their customers when it comes to types and techniques to replenish the cartomizers.

Overall, the Apollo E-Cig vape gets high stars because its great appearance, a wide selection of starter kit types, simplicity, and long-lasting batteries. This is actually one of the best electrical cigarettes available on the market today. Invest less if you utilize the Apollo E-Cig discount offered above!

Mirage Cigarettes Discount Code

If you have never heard of e-cigarettes, then you should know that this is actually a pretty new industry as it came to life about five years ago. The fantastic thing about Mirage Cigarettes is the fact that you can smoke without bothering anyone around you and today if your interested you can receive a Mirage Cigarettes discount code.

Use Code Here   Code: MC

Yes, we are talking about the replacement of regular cigarettes that are filled with tobacco and hundreds of other harmful chemical and toxins that can be a serious threat to your health. Actually, if you really think about the risks and the health problems that a smoker ends up having, the best thing to do would be to quit smoking altogether. But what can you do if this is not an option?

There are two things that you need to understand about the behaviour and needs of a smoker. First, he has gotten used to having nicotine in his blood, so he needs a hit every now and then to feel alright. Second, due to the fact that he has gotten his nicotine hits from smoking cigarettes that he puffs all day, he has the habit of taking his hand to his mouth. So, the matter is actually simple.

If you want what is healthy for you, then you should opt Mirage Cigarettes. One of the advantages that you get from using these e cigarettes would be the fact that they look and almost feel like the real deal. This is exactly like the situation where you could eat all that you wanted without getting fat.

Here, you can smoke all you want without getting sick from the harmful chemicals that you find in regular cigarettes. Besides the fact that they look and feel like regular cigarettes, Mirage Cigarettes deplete the health risk.

This means that you are able to smoke without bothering anyone around you either. Why? Well, you are actually smoking without any fire nor smoke, just a harmless vapour of nicotine that you inhale. That is about it.

Just think about the health risks that regular smokes present to yourself and the people around you, especially to non-smokers. Even though you avoided smoking near children and tried to keep some distance, the harmful smoke still got near them and they inhaled it.

What if you could not expose anyone anymore to these harmful cigarettes? Fortunately, you can buy your own Mirage Cigarette and benefit from all of its advantages without harming anyone, including yourself. Moreover, when it comes to the money you spend on cigarettes every month, if you add everything up, you might have enough to buy a boat. If you want to reduce costs and health risks, then you should invest in e cigarettes and forget all about tobacco.

V2 Cigs Coupon

Electric cigarettes are targeted at chain smokers who are actually want to quit the unhealthy practice of smoking. A V2 e-cigarette is the latest invention to fill the marketplace to help solve this issue. If interested, save on your next V2 cigarette at check out by using our exclusive V2 Cigs coupon.

15% Off V2 Cigs Starter Kits

Save 15% on any starter kit. This is the highest discount offered for starter kits.

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V2 Cigs are located in Florida, particularly in the Miami shoreline. The latest product, the v2 e cigarette, has been given rave reviews from multiple customers.

V2 Cigs is really a business that loves the success of helping other give up smoking by switching to electronic cigarettes. This is the best type of transition because the V2 e-cigarettes need no maintenance.

V2 Cigs’ success is credited towards the innovative electric cigs that are created and focused on helping several types of customers within the country. These V2 Cigs can be found at different competitive rates.

The corporation suits the particular needs of people who smoke through all economic levels. The very best quality of their items include a one year guarantee.

Compared to other competitors, V2 Cigs is really a relatively small US company. However, it’s largely popular because of its different genres and its higher consumer satisfaction rate. V2 electric cigarettes have effectively created a distinct segment in the market with its small improvements that enhance their products.

Among the latest improvements of the brand which have been lately introduced may be the improvement in battery package models. It has greatly elevated the quantity of vapor radiated. Battery existence has elevated by as much as 30%. A substantial improvement from the V2 e-cigarette was the inclusion of the manual button.

A suggested method to begin would be to try a fiscal starter package. Someone may choose the energy and flavor they want. It consists of all the needed add-ons along with a manual explaining  to make use of the merchandise.

Because the atomizer is baked into the cartridge from the e cigarette, it is possible to clean. Normally each cartridge can give the same as one pack of cigarettes. They don’t leave a poor odor within the mouth.

Individuals are permitted to make use of the product in no smoking zones too. V2 electronic cigarettes can be purchased worldwide with US Postal Delivery.

You will find many electric cigarettes available. It might be a little hard to transition. However, it’s really is a better way to try and quit, compared to using other inventions or patches. Utilizing a V2 e-cigarette will assist in helping you flush out the harmful toxins from normal cigarettes in the body.

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