10 Motives is a reputable company located in Sand Batch, Cheshire. It is well known for being the one of the best when it comes to distributing disposable and rechargeable electronic cigarettes. Other than distributing electronic cigarettes, 10 Motives also sells electronic cigarettes refills, cartomizers and many other electronic cigarettes gadgets.

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There are three main electronic brands that 10 Motives markets and distributes; they include the Menthol Rechargeable, the I-Vape and the regular V2 Rechargeable.

The market price for I-Vape is 39.99 pounds while Menthol Rechargeable and Regular V2 Rechargeable are sold for 13.99 respectively.

I-Vape is the most preferred brand by customers; it is not only well known but one of the highest selling brand. 10 Motives has a starter kit that is made up of two rechargeable batteries, a USB charging cable, four cartomizers refills and also a personal charging case.

The package has everything that a user would want to in a vape and gives the users no huge issues. The starter kit is quite unique although it is a very small size.

Packaging and Design (i- Vape)

As noted earlier the starter kit is decent and and also unique. The package is also comes very organized as well. This ensures that customers get the best value for their money. The charging case is well designed and comes in the color black with yellow-orange stripes on the side with the brand name also printed on the front of the case.

Flavor and Vapor

10 Motives has 12 custiomized flavors. The flavors contain 16mg of nicotine. Note: “The regular does not have flavor and has different nicotine strengths of between 11mg and 18mg. additional flavors include cherry, coffee, menthol, grape, watermelon, blueberry, vanilla and strawberry.”

Battery and Responsiveness

The i-Vape electronic cigarettes comes with two lithium-ion batteries. These batteries have an indicator that lets the user see the status of the battery at all times, and they can decide whether to charge the batteries or not. The batteries are easy to charge. All you need to do is plug the USB cable to a power source.


10 Motives does not give a warranty for any of their products except on the batteries which have a warranty period of 3 months. However, they do offer limited time 10 motives discounts code like the one found above, which can be used to help you save on any future purchase you make.

Conclusion and Summary

10 Motives is a good electronic cigarette brand that has everything a user needs, the overall performance is fair.