The Apollo E-Cig is among the favorite e-cigarette organizations in both UK and the US. Founded in 2008, Apollo E-Cig has a one-month money-back promise for their solution and 12 months limited guarantee as well. The purpose of Apollo is to offer customers with the maximum amount of opportunities as possible as well as providing customers with the Apollo E-Cig Coupon.

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The Apollo E Cig Choices

Apollo E-Cig presents both disposable and normal electrical cigarettes for their customers alongside 17 numerous flavors. Additionally, Apollo also presents their customers the decision of using pre-filled or bare refillable cartomizers to ensure they save your money.

The Apollo E-Cig Usual Beginning Equipment

While Apollo E-Cig gives a couple of starter systems all of which have diverse prices to match a wide selection of wants. Their normal starter kit is generally the most used, and it provides these goods:

1 Particular Receiving Function
5 Cartomizers
1 USB Battery Charger
2 180mAh Regular Lithium-Ion Batteries
1 Mains Adaptor
1 PCC USB Charger Cord
1 Apollo 500-Puff Disposable E-Cig
This is actually an extraordinary and complete starter package, especially in comparison to systems from other various vape companies. The first package itself is perfectly manufactured and is easy to use. The PCC is styled and functions like a standard cigarette smoke pack. The cartomizers themselves along with the batteries produce a genuine solution that’s good and really clean.

The Apollo E-Cig Level of Types

From old-fashioned cigarette to cherry to coffee, apple pear, rocky street and more, the flavors themselves are well thought out. Furthermore, the total amount of nicotine might be purchased in different quantities, and, therefore, those who wish to finally quit smoking can step down their nicotine use gradually.

The Apollo E-Cig Performance

The PCC itself may demand around 10 batteries if needed so it will not die out through the day. However, know that charging up the PCC will take approximately 7 hours.

Overall, the efficiency of the Apollo E-Cig was somewhat amazing because it was simple to “vape” all day after it was charged, never needing to have an electrical source nearby. The e-cigs themselves were somewhat sensitive and were a straightforward in use. We were really impressed with the mix of performance and with the number of choices that Apollo E-Cig presents their customers when it comes to types and techniques to replenish the cartomizers.

Overall, the Apollo E-Cig vape gets high stars because its great appearance, a wide selection of starter kit types, simplicity, and long-lasting batteries. This is actually one of the best electrical cigarettes available on the market today. Invest less if you utilize the Apollo E-Cig discount offered above!