E cigarettes help boost memory!!! Yes, you have heard this right. This is a conclusion derived by a group of scholars from London University. Electronic cigarettes or e cigs are battery operated devices used as healthier alternatives for tobacco cigarettes.

In one research conducted by a Professor of the University of East London, Dr. Lynne Dawkins, interesting statistics came out. The findings of the research were presented at the British Psychological Society’s Annual Conference held from 18-20 April 2012.

Read this article: http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/interactive/news/electronic-cigarettes-may-aid-quitters-memory-id801344128-t116.html

The research was conducted on 85 smokers, both men and women. The participants were randomly given e cigarettes containing nicotine or no nicotine. Some of the participants were asks to just hold it without putting the e cigarette to use. Five minutes were given to the participants to do whatever they wanted with the e cigarettes. After the completion of the stipulated time they were asked to take a moods and cravings questionnaire. The questionnaire was repeated 20 minutes after using the electronic cigarette. 60 participants completed the working memory task 10 – 15 minutes after using the e cig. The working memory task included the Letter Cancellation Task among others.

e-cig memory

Observations of the study

  • Based on the participants of the working memory task, it was concluded that people who used electronic cigarettes with nicotine performed better.
  • The ones who used nicotine e cigarettes completed the Letter Cancellation Task within the fastest time. The worst performance in the memory task based on the number of errors committed was by the “just hold” group.
  • It was further seen that nicotine users had the best performance across all the trials in the memory test and even maintained better performance for longer intervals.

Dr. Lynne Dawkins said that she was intrigued to study the effectiveness of the newer alternatives of cigarettes as very little research has been done so far. She also observed that e cigarettes reduce the extent of cravings in both men an women. She also pointed out that the study did not include the whether people felt self conscious to use these devices in public places.

Do e cigs actually improve memory or is it a myth?

Studies do point out that e cigs help to boost memory. But this is not the only reason why smokers should switch to the newer alternatives.


Electronic cigarettes contain no ash, no tar. They are odourless. They do not contain any cancer causing toxic elements which make them non carcinogenic.  The newer healthier alternatives to the traditional cigarettes are battery operated. They may seem expensive initially but are truly cost effective in the long run. The cigarettes do not release any visual puff of smoke only water vapour, which neutralises the dangers of any second hand smoke. They can be used safely even in no smoking areas where it is prohibited to smoke.

The lighted match sticks and burning cigarettes are seen as one of the biggest causes of forest fires. E cigarettes come with reusable cartridges which is environment friendly.

Switch to electronic cigarettes– they are not only healthy but have been proved to boost memory!!!