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Can E-Cigarettes Help Boost Memory?

E cigarettes help boost memory!!! Yes, you have heard this right. This is a conclusion derived by a group of scholars from London University. Electronic cigarettes or e cigs are battery operated devices used as healthier alternatives for tobacco cigarettes.

In one research conducted by a Professor of the University of East London, Dr. Lynne Dawkins, interesting statistics came out. The findings of the research were presented at the British Psychological Society’s Annual Conference held from 18-20 April 2012.

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The research was conducted on 85 smokers, both men and women. The participants were randomly given e cigarettes containing nicotine or no nicotine. Some of the participants were asks to just hold it without putting the e cigarette to use. Five minutes were given to the participants to do whatever they wanted with the e cigarettes. After the completion of the stipulated time they were asked to take a moods and cravings questionnaire. The questionnaire was repeated 20 minutes after using the electronic cigarette. 60 participants completed the working memory task 10 – 15 minutes after using the e cig. The working memory task included the Letter Cancellation Task among others.

e-cig memory

Observations of the study

  • Based on the participants of the working memory task, it was concluded that people who used electronic cigarettes with nicotine performed better.
  • The ones who used nicotine e cigarettes completed the Letter Cancellation Task within the fastest time. The worst performance in the memory task based on the number of errors committed was by the “just hold” group.
  • It was further seen that nicotine users had the best performance across all the trials in the memory test and even maintained better performance for longer intervals.

Dr. Lynne Dawkins said that she was intrigued to study the effectiveness of the newer alternatives of cigarettes as very little research has been done so far. She also observed that e cigarettes reduce the extent of cravings in both men an women. She also pointed out that the study did not include the whether people felt self conscious to use these devices in public places.

Do e cigs actually improve memory or is it a myth?

Studies do point out that e cigs help to boost memory. But this is not the only reason why smokers should switch to the newer alternatives.


Electronic cigarettes contain no ash, no tar. They are odourless. They do not contain any cancer causing toxic elements which make them non carcinogenic.  The newer healthier alternatives to the traditional cigarettes are battery operated. They may seem expensive initially but are truly cost effective in the long run. The cigarettes do not release any visual puff of smoke only water vapour, which neutralises the dangers of any second hand smoke. They can be used safely even in no smoking areas where it is prohibited to smoke.

The lighted match sticks and burning cigarettes are seen as one of the biggest causes of forest fires. E cigarettes come with reusable cartridges which is environment friendly.

Switch to electronic cigarettes– they are not only healthy but have been proved to boost memory!!!

White Cloud Cigarettes Fling Disposable Review

Like other brands, White Cloud Cigarettes also offers a disposable e cig; this White Cloud Cigarettes Fling disposable review will provide a further look at the product, use, and flavor options that you can order, if this is the option that you are interested in trying when first ordering from the manufacturer brand.

Bulk up

Unlike other manufacturers, with White Cloud ecig you can order in bulk quantities, in order to save on the price per e cig; in fact, you can order a variety of product packages. From single use disposables, to 5 pack, 10 pack, 25 pack, or a 100 pack, you are in control and decide what you want, and the flavors that you want to try. When ordering in higher quantities, the price drops down extremely, to less than $4 per e cig. The White Cloud e-cig price drops even lower when you apply one of the new WC holiday promo codes to your order. To use these White Cloud Cigarettes coupons, simply add all of the Fling disposables to your cart and then enter the promo code at the end.

Flavor blends

White Cloud E-Cig Fling

When ordering the e cigs, you decide on the flavor for each of the e cigs. Even if you order the 100 pack, you can select the flavor options that you want to vape. Vanilla, red, menthol, peppermint, Bora Bora, strawberry, menthol, espresso, apple, are just some of the options. When ordering the larger case, you can order in quantities of 20, and decide on the flavor and nicotine levels in batches of 20. This not only allows you to mix and match, it also allows you to try out the many flavors which White Cloud e-cig offers, without having to commit to just one.

Long lasting taste blends

With the disposables, you can expect to get anywhere from 200 up to 400 or 450 puffs per e cig; this is approximately 2 packs, up to about 5 packs of tobacco cigarettes. Not only will this reduce the cost of smoking, it will also allow you to enjoy the flavor blends of choice, without having to worry about it ending in a short time, or having to worry about recharging the battery often, in order to complete the cartridge of choice.

Nicotine levels

When ordering each of the disposable e cigs individually, you can order the full nicotine level. However, if you are going to order the large, bulk packs, you can decide on the nicotine levels that you want for each e cig. You can order from zero, ultra light, light, medium, or full level. Depending on the desired use, and depending on whether you are looking to completely eliminate nicotine, or whether you still want to enjoy the nicotine when smoking, each consumer is going to select something different when ordering the e cigs and the bulk packs of their favorite flavors.

Disposable e cigs are convenient, easy to use, can be used anywhere, and you do not have to continually worry about recharging the battery after each use. Instead, you can use it once, or you can use it over the course of a few days or weeks, without having to charge. When the cartridge is empty, and there is no more liquid, you can simply throw out the cartridge, and you can start to smoke another disposable e cig, in the flavor of choice.

Electronic cigarettes in the media – do they have a bad reputation?

The Fourth Estate (Press) has been a decisive factor in toppling many Governments. It is almost a tendency to cater to media reports about a factor before accepting it in fullness. In that regard, media has been partly, if not wholly, supportive of e-cigarettes. Of course, the public acceptance by many celebrities has helped show e-cigarettes in a better light.

Different Governments understand that traditional cigarettes are causing immense harm to human bodies and resulting in millions of deaths per year. However, the money that it brings in makes it’s continuation an objective necessity. Thus, media has now and again vouched for electronic cigarettes to be more in circulation. It will give chain-smokers a feeling that they are doing something similar. Yet, they will be free with the imposing dangers that paper cigarettes pose.

The major propagator

US Advocate Bill Godshall has been extremely active in propagating its benefits and fighting case against FDA which roots for its prohibition. There is even an association (SFATA – Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association) to offer e-cigarettes all-round support. They run regular seminars and allow media to circulate the minutes to one and all. E-cigarettes have grown exponentially since 2009 in US and other countries that haven’t banned it. On a basal thought, it is almost ridiculous to ban e-cigarettes.

Some points of concern

Yes, media has helped enlighten certain important facts that are causing trouble nonetheless. Some eminent e-cigarette brands are being duplicated and sold for less at open stores. These come cheap but have higher nicotine content and don’t have the suggested single opening. The atomizers also are second-grade in these cases and may cause untimely problems. That apart, media proposes some regulation to be charted on purchase of e-cigarettes. Many school children are catching the idea and freely purchase e-cigarettes; an occurrence which doesn’t bode well for the future.

A pseudo-drawback

FDA has released that Propylene Glycol, an effective anti-freezing agent is used in e-cigarettes and it has toxic properties. This claim has managed to impress global media to an extent. However, what needs to be assessed that Propylene Glycol toxicity is minimal. Moreover, it lowers the atomizing temperature and the substance is widely used in cosmetics and even food.

Continuous survey

Media continually surveys the effect and popularity of e-cigarettes and the erstwhile passive smokers are quite happy. In some cases, they don’t even realize whether someone is ‘vaping’ or not. It is evident that e-cigarettes emit nothing but water vapor and there is only suggestive nicotine content, if only to give traditional smokers some resemblance while smoking. Even that problem is being worked on and zero-nicotine carts are being released; although they are yet to catch the eye.

In summation

It is clear that media cannot altogether support e-cigarettes, as it may also become a craze in future. However, its healthier nature as opposed to traditional cigarettes isn’t lost on the media. E-cigarette is riding new wave in USA and UK and slowly coming in use in a lot of developing countries. If e-cigarettes prune some of its inhibitive traits, global media will be more forthcoming.


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