For e cig smokers who enjoy flavors, this Vapor4Life e-liquid review will run a list of the extensive selection line you will have, when you order through this manufacturer. Not only does the company provide one of the most extensive line of e liquids available, customers are also going to be able to customize their own flavor blends, to fully enjoy their own distinct flavors, and creative flavors, when placing an order.

Vapor4Life E-Liquid Review

When ordering the e liquids, there are dozens of options, and blends in the tobacco line. Clove, congress, Cuban cigar, oasis, and peach tobacco are some of these; in addition to these e liquid flavors, there are over 20 additional tobacco flavors that you can enjoy when you are placing an order online.

Fruit flavors
If you enjoy a sweeter blend, there are also dozens of fruit flavors you can order. Peach, strawberry, mango, orange, banana, blueberry, and blackberry are some of these options. Apple, cherry, grape, kiwi, are also available. Custom flavors can also be mixed to blend a new flavor.

If you prefer something minty or spicy, menthol blends are available. From peppermint to bold mint, spice, to cinnamon, there are several options to choose from in this category as well.

Beverage, coffee, and dessert flavors
For those who have the ultimate sweet tooth, and if the over 50 flavors in the other categories are not enough, there are also a variety of sweet flavors here as well. Chocolate or vanilla, coffee or espresso, cherry pie or waffles, you can select from over 50 flavors in these three categories as well.

And, with specialty flavors that are limited edition in this line, you are going to have far more selection than you would expect, and much more to choose from, in comparison to what other brands have to offer their customers.

Sampler packs
If you do not want to commit to just one flavor in each of these categories, the option to order sampler packs is also available. This is going to give you the opportunity to try the best selling flavors, in each of these categories, so you can try the ones you will like best.

Whether you want a fun cola flavor, or something a bit more traditional in the line of tobacco or menthol flavors, you will receive the best sellers in each of the categories, when you decide to order a sampler pack in that category.

It does not matter what flavors you enjoy, or can think of, with Vapor4Life, you are going to find them all; plus, you are going to find certain flavors you would never imagine to have existed. And, you can order custom flavors if you are willing to spend a little more on your order.

Regardless of what you want to try, or which flavors you have come to love, when you order through this manufacturer, you will never get bored with the flavor selection that is available to you, when placing your order for refill e liquid cartridges.