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The e-cigarettes is gaining a lot of popularity today as an alternative to the traditional cigarette. There are many reasons as to why it is being viewed as the best alternative like being free of smoke, eliminates the toxic substances that come with the traditional cigarettes, you can have many different flavors to spice up your smoking experience, you only get the nicotine you want to your system and they are fancy too.

One of the core components of the e-cig and vape pipes is the e-juice which contains the liquid which has dissolved nicotine. The e-liquid can also be flavored as some users fancy. This e-liquid is used for a while until it is finished and then the user has to refill the liquid in order to continue enjoying his taste. That is where ZampleBox specializes in.

As ZampleBox slogan states, they provide the best-juice, best price, delivered monthly. There is no other company that provides services like ZampleBox. They are unique in that they offer a subscription service where you can have your e-juice refill delivered to you every month. They are not only a company supplying e-juice but they are a brand by themselves. And the most interesting thing is, you can get it at $1 per day which is less than 40 – 60 percent of what you get from other retailers.

Subscription services

ZampleBox basically has three types of premium subscription which are modeled to fit every user, from the starter to the experienced one. The first service is the platinum subscription which comes with 11 bottles and goes for $ 44.99 only which is 65% less than what you get on retail. Next is the gold service which offers 6 bottles and only goes for $ 24.99 which is 60% of what you get on retail. Last they offer the silver package which comes with 3 bottles for $ 19.99 only and is 40% less of the retail price.
Their subscription service reduces the cost significantly and furthermore they will have it delivered to your door.

The e-juice subscription process

Very simple and convenient and involves three steps. First you have to build your box where you select your nicotine level, your choice of flavors and the experience you have in vaping. Next you will have your consignment delivered to your doorstep according to your choice and lastly which is the best part; dive into your favorite e-juice assortment and start enjoying the experience with your friends.

All that ZampleBox would request is to give them a feedback of the experience and what more you would like to be added to the list. So to get this attractive offer from ZampleBox, all you need to do is log in to their website and subscribe now.